The fruits and vegetables in the garden start dancing and it's a great opportunity to learn about the parts of the plants, make grocery shopping, sort food by color, learn new vocabulary, make fruits and vegetables from model magic and more!

Ba'Aroogat Ha'Geena Box

Who loves Shabbat?
With this kit you can learn all about the days of the week, how to bake challah, practice Hebrew writing and syllables, expend your vocabulary, play games and more!

Mi Ohev Et Ha'Shabbat Box

Animals can do many things with their body! How about you?
Learn about different animals, build words, explore body parts, make animal faces, play different board games and more!

Mi-kaf Regel Ve-ad Rosh Box

It's winter and Pishpesh needs to get ready to go outside. Follow Pishpesh's daily routine and learn all about winter clothes!
Practice beginning sounds, build words puzzles, make clothes from play dough, work on patterns, and more!

Pishpesh Mitlabesh Box

What happens when few shapes meet and get together? They create something new! 
It's time to be creative, learn all about shapes and colors, play Tangram, identify shapes around us, learn new vocabulary and more!

Kama Tov Lihiyot B'Yachad Box

It's raining outside, and Tal is taking his dad's big umbrella. How many friends can he fit under his umbrella? Find out and learn all about weather, practice syllables and numbers, retell the story and more!

Hamitriya Hagdola Box

The little boy is scared to sleep by himself, so he is bringing stuffed animals to bed. When he is starting to feel better, he returns the animals to the shelf one by one.
Practice numbers and colors, build patterns and identify beginning letters and words, make your own stuffed animal and more!

Pa'am Haya Yeled Box

Caspion the little fish is swimming in the ocean. When he's meeting the baby whale and hear about his problem, he is bringing all of his family to help!
Practice opposites, beginning sounds, comparing and sizes, sea animals and more!

Caspion Box

They animals are going for a ride! Which vehicle each animal will take?
Learn all about transportation and animals! Practice the Hebrew alphabet, sort vehicles to land, sea and sky, follow patterns, match each animals to vehicle it uses, and more!

Anachnu Metaylim Box


A little caterpillar in coming out of an egg and is very hungry! 
What will the caterpillar eat? Will it stay a caterpillar? 
This kit will teach you all about the butterfly life cycle and will help you practice beginning sounds, the days of the week, food vocabulary, and more!

Ha'Zahal Ha'Raev Box

Three cats are sitting on the windows until they hear the ice cream truck. Each cat wants to get a popsicle in a specific color. Will the ice cream man have all the colors?
Join the cats and learn all about colors, mixing colors, different types of cats, body parts and more!

Oto Glida Box